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Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.  The most common garnets are Mozambique and Rhodolite garnet.

Is there a wedding in your future?  Come to Phillips Jewelers and look over our wide selection of diamond engagement rings.  Don't see what you like, we can design and custom make a ring in the shape of your choice and to your liking.  We are ready to serve you with a financial plan with approved credit.  

TANZANITE is found at the base of the famous mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the only source for the, now famous, gemstone - Tanzanite.  In 1967, an Indian tailor prospecting for gems as a hobby, discovered the gen.  It was eventually named Tanzanite in honor of the county of origin.  Tanzanite is a mysterious deep blue/purple color that is saturated with the rare color. 

Your Fairy Tale Weddding Begins at Phillips Jewelers

 Is a Wedding in your near future?  If you are in the market for wedding rings, stop by Phillips Jewelers to see our newest bridal ring selections.  

Meet The Team

Art Colaprete, Certified Gemologist, Bench Jeweler and Goldsmith. 

Cheryl Glantz, Book Keeper and Sales

  Make your old diamond jewelry new again by remounting your diamonds in a new setting.  PHILLIPS JEWELERS can make your diamond look new and different.  Come see us.